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Fire Extinguisher

Stay safe with a comprehensive "Fire Risk Assessment" - giving you peace of mind.

Our expert team provides comprehensive fire risk assessments to help ensure your business is compliant with the latest fire safety legislation. Our experienced, professional team will help you identify any risks and provide advice on how best to mitigate them. We will work with you to ensure your premises are safe and secure for both your staff and customers.

"Your local fire and rescue authority visits premises to check the fire risk assessment and fire prevention measures are appropriate.


Fire safety officers should help you understand the rules and comply with them.

They can also take action if they think your fire safety measures are not adequate."


What Next?

Our process  is simple and straightforward.


There is no obligation to purchase any additional services or products.


We will assess the scope of your fire safety needs. We will then discuss the best options to ensure that your property is compliant to current legislation and meets all fire safety requirements.


We will work with you to evaluate and reduce any risks that may be present within your premises, providing you with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations. 

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